FPGA Images

  • *.sof: RAM-only - temporary until you power-off your CoCoVGA board or press the "RECONFIG" button.
  • *.jic: Flash - permanent and loaded into the FPGA from serial flash on power-up.

0.88 (01/18/2018)

  • Fixed 64-column text mode to no longer automatically enable lowercase (to enable lowercase requires setting the "force lowercase" bit in byte 3 of the configuration registers - see Software Mode Control for more info). Thanks to Boisy Pitre for discovering this issue.
  • Fixed 64-column SG4 graphics bug which caused a column of pixels within one character in the bottom 1/3 of the screen to be swapped with another at the end of the line.
  • bs6847_0.88.sof
  • bs6847_0.88.jic

0.87 (07/02/2017)

  • Modified 64-column mode to use CG2 (the 2kB RAM mode), which also happens to be unsupported by BASIC
  • Modified palette register format for compatibility with potential future enhancements
  • bs6847_0.87.sof
  • bs6847_0.87.jic

0.86 (05/27/2017)

  • Added 64-column mode
  • Fix for 128x96 non-dithered 16-color mode (last release was incorrectly 1/2 horizontal resolution)
  • Enable the use of either artifact palette register bank via CSS in 128x96 non-dithered 16-color mode
  • bs6847_0.86.sof
  • bs6847_0.86.jic

Software (.DSK) Images

Compatible with DriveWire or CoCoSDC

  • CoCoVGA*.zip
    • ModeDemo -
      • MODEDEMO.BAS - a demonstration of all of the various SW controls as well as some palette-cycling animations
      • VG6.BAS - an independent example of using the 16-color VG6 mode
      • BORDER64.BAS - an example of using PRINT @ and SET/RESET with 64-column text mode (use WIDTH64.BAS first)
      • CIRCLES.BAS - a simple example of random circles in both RG6 and CG6. This program was used in a 64-column text mode demonstration video to show switching between 64-column mode and graphics modes.
    • SlideSho -
      • DEMO.BAS - a demonstration of the all of the 6847-compatible text and graphics modes in each color set
    • Utils -
      • CCVCONF.BAS - used to generate CoCoVGA SW control configurations (including color palette selection) which can be saved to disk and reused
      • WIDTH64.BAS - puts CoCo in all-RAM mode and patches ECB for compatibility with 64-column mode, then enables 64-column mode on CoCoVGA and copies old text video RAM region to new region.
  • Infocom_W64*.zip
    • This is a zip archive of Infocom games ported to use the 64-column text mode (W64) of CoCoVGA graciously provided by Ed Snider
    • Should be compatible with real floppies imaged from the .DSKs as well as with CoCo SDC. With CoCo SDC, mount the .DSK image, then type 'RUN@1' to switch to stock DECB ROM. Then use the 'DOS' command to boot the disks.


  • - this is the first multi-disk release of Infocom games ported for use with the 64-column text mode (W64) of CoCoVGA by Ed Snider. Contains 19 games.


  • (multi-DSK release 0.87 to match features in 0.87 of FPGA including 64-column text mode modifications and palette register format changes)


  • (multi-DSK release 0.86 to match features in 0.86 of FPGA including non-dithered VG6 16-color mode fixes and 64-column text mode)