CoCoVGA now supports the 6847T1! There is a particular board type and FPGA design that is compatible. Boards are in the process of being assembled and early releases have been installed in some users' systems.

4/21/2018 - 4/22/2018

CoCoVGA is now an "award winning" product! It was voted "Most Useful New Product" at the 2018 CoCoFEST! Thank you, Glenside TRS-80 Color Computer Club and all of the people in the Color Computer community!

CoCoVGA was demonstrated by Brendan on an NTSC Color Computer 2, Color Computer 1, and Tano Dragon, and a PAL Dragon 32 at CoCoFEST! 2018 in Lombard, IL at the Heron Point Convention Center.

Revision 0.89 of the CoCoVGA FPGA was announced at CoCoFEST! 2018, adding software-redefinable character set support to both the 32-column and 64-column text modes. A short presentation performed via a CoCo 2 can be found here.

Also at CoCoFEST! 2018, Boisy Pitre made available a propsal written by Brendan and Steve regarding a possible approach to adding sprite capabilities to CoCoVGA. This paper can be found here and here.

CoCoVGA kits for revision B board CoCo 2s are still available!

2/10/2018 - 2/11/2018

CoCoVGA was demonstrated by Brendan and Steve on an NTSC MC-10, NTSC Tano Dragon, PAL Dragon 32, and NTSC Color Computer 2 at Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest at the Living Computer Museum + Labs. PAL Dragon 32 was generously provided by David Linsley.


Another round of CoCoVGA kits have been shipped to many of the folks on our waiting list. One of these early adopters, Steve Batson, has posted the first review of CoCoVGA on Rainbow Online.


Unfortunately, all CoCoVGA kits are sold out. The good news is that Ed has more bare boards on order and is working on cables in the meantime, so another run will be made available. In the meantime, feel free to contact us about compatibility or get on the waiting list at


Ed Snider has made a run of boards and they are available for the CoCo 2 rev B mainboard and Tano Dragon! See me at Tandy Assembly in Chillicothe, OH this weekend or contact us at


A new video of the CoCoVGA 64-column text mode has been posted to YouTube, here:


New videos have been posted on YouTube of the CoCoVGA mode demo. This demo demonstrates software control over some of the more useful CoCoVGA modes. You can find them here: