What is CoCoVGA?

CoCoVGA is an FPGA-based hardware enhancement for Motorola 6847 VDG-based microcomputers from the 1980s, including the early TRS-80/Tandy Color Computers. It enables VGA video output as well as a few other video improvements.

Will CoCoVGA work in my system?

CoCoVGA should be electrically compatible with any system with a 6847 or 6847T1 (usually marked XC80652P). It is incompatible with the Color Computer 3, which has a GIME instead of a 6847. To help identify whether CoCoVGA will work in your system, please see Compatibility.

What is CoCoVGA's availability?

Kits for some types of Color Computers 1 and 2 and the Dragon are available! Contact us for more information.