CoCoVGA has been regularly tested with the following monitors:

  • Dell 1707FPt
  • ViewSonic VE910b
  • Dynex DX-LCD-19-09

Other monitors and various projectors have been shown to be compatible as well, so long as they accept standard VGA (640x480 at 60Hz).

Computer Systems

CoCoVGA has been shown to be electrically compatible with NTSC and PAL TRS-80 Color Computer 1 and 2 systems that have either the original 6847. There is also a version of the board and FPGA design which is compatible with the already lowercase-capable 6847T1, typically marked XC80652P. It has also been installed in NTSC Tano Dragons and PAL Dragons (both 32 and 64). It also operates properly in the TRS-80 MC-10, albeit with the case ajar due to the size of the board.

The greater limitation is that these systems have various board layouts, so multiple CoCoVGA board configurations have been created, including:

  • Color Computer 1 (board marked rev F)
  • American Color Computer 2 (vertical RF can, board marked rev B)
  • Korean Color Computer 2 (horizontal RF can, either 6847 or 6847T1)
  • Tano Dragon
  • Dragon 32/64

To check that your 6847-based computer is compatible with CoCoVGA, please see System Identifcation.