Color Computer 2 6847 or 6847T1 socket

NTSC Tano Dragon 6847 socket

PAL Dragon 6847 socket


640x480 @ 60Hz (25MHz pixel clock)


Alphanumeric/Semigraphics - 19 colors (64x32), 1 color (32x16), 2 text colors (foreground and background) (32x16), plus border color

RG6 (PMODE4) - 2 to 4 colors with NTSC artifact emulation (8 to 16 colors using various dithered bit patterns) plus border color
RG3 (PMODE2), RG2 (PMODE0), RG1 - 2 colors plus border color
CG6 (PMODE3), CG3 (PMODE1), CG2, CG1 - 4 colors plus border color

VG6 - 16 colors @ 128x96 resolution plus border color

64-column text and semigraphics mode in CG2 (2kB) RAM buffer

Software-configurable character set in either 32-column or 64-column text mode

Palette registers configurable to any of 512 colors (3 bits per plane, 9 bits per pixel; later AMC3, F1, KMC1 models 5 bits per plane, 15 bits per pixel for 32768 colors)

Software switches for:

  • VG6
  • 64-column mode
  • Character set selection (6847, 6847T1, or software-uploaded)
  • RG6 (PMODE4) NTSC artifact color mode
  • NTSC artifact color swap
  • Palette registers for semigraphics, graphics, text, artifact, and border colors
  • Scanlines
  • Lowercase
  • Border mode emulation
  • Border mode status
  • VGA timing control